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CD-Release-concerts (January/February 2016)
The new CD “The Five Points” was featured in a concert at Munich on January 25 (Harry White Trio, Matthias Müller), and on February 3, in a concert at Zurich (Michel Rouilly, Thomas Grossenbacher, Petya Mihneva, Hugo Queirós).

Start of schlumpf+ (January 2016)
On January 14, 2016 my new concert series schlumpf+ opened at the Druckerei Baden, Switzerland, with an exquisite program for four female voices, accordion and speaker, repeated at the Muenster in Bern and the Elisabethian Church in Basle.

New CD The Five Points released (December 2015)
This new NEOS-CD contains five of my latest chamber music works: “Spiegelbilder (Mirror Images)”, “Push and Pull”, “The Five Points”, “Puzzle” and “Pandora’s Promise”.

Website of schlumpf+ (October 2015)
On schlumpfplus.ch you’ll find all important informations about my new concert series schlumpf+ at the Druckerei Baden. The Ticketing has opened as well.

Perotin-arrangement (September 2015)
The arrangement of Perotins “Viderunt omnes” for 4 female voices and accordion is finished. Premiere on January 14, 2016 in the context of the concert series schlumpf+.

New piece for solo voice (July 2015)
Composed in the summer holidays in Lü: “Ritual – for K”.

CD recording of Mirror Images (“Spiegelbilder”) (July 2015)
On July 8, 2015 sound recording with Michel Rouilly, Thomas Grossenbacher and Petya Mihneva at the Radio Studio Zurich of “Mirror Images” for viola, cello and piano (David Bollinger, sound engineer). This piece will be produced in fall on my new CD “The Five Points” (NEOS Munich).

New management (July 2015)
Ann Katrin Cooper takes over my management. I’m looking forward to a successful cooperation!

New composition for cello and piano (June 2015)
The 1975 composed piece “Les Extrèmes se touchent” for cello and piano is now available in a completely revised and partly new written version.

CD recording of Push and Pull (May 2015)
On May 4, 2015 sound recording with Sergej Tchirkov at the Radio Studio Zurich of “Push and Pull” for accordion solo (David Bollinger, sound engineer). This piece will be produced in fall on my new CD with NEOS Munich.

New Triple Concerto (April 2015)
“Triple Suite” for violin, cello, piano and orchestra was composed between June 2013 and April 2015 for the Oliver Schnyder Trio as a direct sequel to Beethoven’s Triple Concerto.

CD recording of Pandora’s Promise (April 2015)
On April 6, 2015 I recorded with Harry White, Pi-Chin Chien and Edward Rushton (Harry White Trio) at the Radio Studio Zurich “Pandora’s Promise” for alto saxophone, cello and piano. The recording (sound engineer David Bollinger) will be produced on my new CD with NEOS Munich.

Supporting association for schlumpf+ (December 2014)
The supporting association s+aargau for my new concert series schlumpf+ has been founded. The first concert will take place in January 2016 in the Druckerei Baden.

New scores by Edition Kunzelmann (October 2014)
New published works in the Edition Kunzelmann (Edition Peters): “Jeux”, “Frühling”, “…aufflattern…”, “Klarinettentrio”, “The Wounded Bluesplayer”, “Atemspuren”, “Sommerkreis” and “Pandora’s Promise”.

Commission for new orchestral work  (September 2014)
A new symphonic work has been commissioned by the Sinfonieorchester Basel. The premiere will take place in the season 2015/16 and will be conducted by Dennis Russell Davies.

Pandora’s Promise: American Premiere (August 2014)
“Pandora’s Promise” will be played for the first time in the US on August 13, 2014 in Portsmouth, NH on the occasion of the PARMA Music Festival.

New Trio completed (April 2014)
The new Trio for alto saxophone, cello and piano, commissioned by Harry White, has just been finished: Pandora’s Promise will be premiered by the Harry White Trio on May 8, 2014 in Wuerenlingen, Switzerland and repeated for the first time in Zurich on May 17, 2014.

Edition Kunzelmann (Edition Peters) as my main publisher (February 2014)
Ten of my mainly newer works are available till now from Edition Kunzelmann. As novelties recently published are “December Rains”, “The Five Points”, “Mirror Images” and “Push and Pull”. Further works will follow.

Video STREAMS (January 2014)
The Video of the premiere of “Streams” (with Matthias Müller, David Taylor and the PARMA Orchestra under John Page) is now public.

New CD Brahms – Schlumpf – Müller (October 2013)
 The new CD BRAHMS – SCHLUMPF – MÜLLER has been released by NEOS, Munich, with my clarinet quintet “The Five Points”, played by Matthias Müller and the Galatea Quartet.

Premiere of  The Five Points (September 2013)
On September 27, 2013 the successful world premiere of my clarinet quintet “The Five Points” has taken place within the context of the program “Brahms und die Gegenwart”. The piece has been played by Matthias Müller, clarinet and the Galatea Quartet from Zurich.

Release of the new CD STREAMS (August 2013)
With STREAMS, the follow-up to my 2012 Navona Records release SUMMER CIRCLE, I am proud to announce a new album with three of my most important concertos: “Mouvements”, “Waves” and “Streams”. The performance of the various soloists and orchestras is excellent, the album art lures by its harmony of colors. A very special point is the expansion by the “Enhanced Content”: if you place the CD in a computer you will get access to scores and score sketches of all compositions, extended liner notes, pictures  and more.

Big success at the World Premiere of Streams (August 2013)
On August 17, 2013 the world premiere of my Double Concerto “Streams” for clarinet, basstrombone and 17 instruments has taken place at the closing concert event of the PARMA Music Festival at The Music Hall in Portsmouth NH, USA. The piece played by Matthias Müller, David Taylor and the PARMA Orchestra, conducted by John Page, ended in a longlasting standing ovation! With the words of Bob Lord, CEO of PARMA Recordings: “Everybody was blown away by your music, and the sight of the crowd jumping to their feet for you at the Music Hall is something I won’t soon forget.”
The concert was supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. At the same festival there have been further performances of “Puzzle” and “December Rains” as well.

Premiere of Push and Pull (May 2013)
On May 24, 2013 the world premiere of “Push and Pull” for accordion solo, the newest composition by Martin Schlumpf, has taken place. The piece was performed by the Russian accordionist Sergej Tchirkov. Here is the link to the concert-video.

Premiere of Spiegelbilder – Mirror Images (May 2013)
The newest composition by Martin Schlumpf, “Mirror Images” for viola, cello and piano will have its premiere on May 12, 2013 in Lugano and will be played afterwoods in a little Swiss tour under the titel “Schumann in the mirror”  in Zurich (May 14), Basel (May 15) and Geneva (May 16). The piece was commissioned by Jürg Dähler and will be performed by the Swiss Chamber Soloists: Jürg Dähler, viola, Daniel Haefliger, cello, Gilles Vonsattel, piano. Here is the link to the video of the Zurich concert.

CD recordings of The Five Points (February 2013)
On February 28, 2013 Matthias Müller and the Galatea Quartet recorded at the old church Boswil, Switzerland, the new clarinet quintet “The Five Points” by Martin Schlumpf. Responsible for the recording was Andreas Werner.

Premiere of Dawn (January 2013) Here the link to the video
In beginning December 2012 Martin Schlumpf accomplished his new composition DAWN for SABRe bass clarinet and orchestra. The premiere took place within the context of the 3rd European Clarinet Festival in Ghent, Belgium, on January 20, 2013 with Matthias Müller and the Brussels Philharmonic under Dirk Brossé, sound engineering: Isai Angst.

New commissions for compositions (December 2012)

  • Trio for Viola, Cello and Piano for the Swiss Chamber Concerts (Jürg Dähler, Daniel Haefliger, Gilles Vonsattel); premiere in Zurich on May 14, 2013
  • Solopiece for accordion for the Saint-Petersburg International Contemporary Music Festival (Sergej Tchirkov); premiere in St. Petersburg on May 24, 2013
  • Tripel Concerto for the Oliver Schnyder Trio (Andreas Janke, Benjamin Nyffenegger, Oliver Schnyder); premiere not yet scheduled
  • Trio for Altosax, Cello and Piano for the Harry White Trio (Harry White, Pi-Chin Chien, Edward Rushton); premiere on February/March 2014

The Five Points has been published (October 2012)
Between March and October 2012 Martin Schlumpf has written a quintet for clarinet and string quartet entitled “The Five Points” (for Matthias Müller and the Galatea Quartet).
There will be a first concert with “The Five Points” in Zurich on January 20, 2013. The real premiere will take place after recording sessions for the label Neos in fall 2013 at the Tonhalle Zurich.

Puzzle-Performances 2012 (Oktober 2012)
Schlumpfs solopiece “Puzzle” for bass clarinet and computer (Ambisonics) has been played by Matthias Müller in Zurich and Brugg AG (Switzerland), in New York and Boston (USA) and in Morelia (Mexico). On December 13 there will be another performance in the Helsinki Music Centre by Angel Molinos.

Grant from the Aargau Board of Trustees (May 2012)
On May 23, 2012 the Aargau Board of Trustees awarded Martin Schlumpf a grant-in-aid in the field of classical music.

Recordings of  Puzzle (May 2012)
On May 22, 2012 Martin Schlumpf produced recordings of “Puzzle” for bassclarinet and computer with Matthias Müller as soloist and David Bollinger as tone engineer (ToneControl).

Release of the new CD SUMMER CIRCLE! (May 2012)
As a first result of Martin Schlumpf’s collaboration with PARMA Recordings, New Hampton NH, USA, the CD SUMMER CIRCLE has just been released (distributed by NAXOS). With the three works “December Rains”, “Clarinet Trio” and “Summer Circle” it gives a beautiful overview of Schlumpf’s chamber music production since the 1990s. The performance of the musicians from Boston and Washington DC is excellent, the graphical outfit of the album lures by its harmony of colors. A very special point is the expansion by the “Enhanced Content”: if you place the CD in a computer you will get access to printable scores and score sketches of all compositions, extended liner notes, photos and video etc.
More infos here.

New compositions (October 2011)
For a concert in Zurich, January 20, 2012, Martin Schlumpf is writing a new piece entitled PUZZLE for bassclarinet and computer (Ambisonics). On this occasion Matthias Müller, the clarinet player, will give the first performance of his new electronical SABRE-bassclarinet (Vortragssaal, Zurich University of the Arts).
In addition Schlumpf will write a clarinet quintet for Müller and the Galatea Quartet (Zurich).

Recording sessions with PARMA Recordings (June 2010)
From May 31 to June 13, 2011 Martin Schlumpf stayed in Boston and Washington, D.C., to accompany the recordings of his new chamber music-CD “Summer Circle” as well as the one of the 3rd concerto of his concert-CD.
In this time recordings of the following compositions took place:

  • “Streams”, double concerto for clarinet (Mattias Müller), bass trombone (David Taylor) and 17 instruments with the PARMA Orchestra and John Page,
  • “December Rains” for solo piano with Karolina Rojahn,
  • “Trio” for clarinet, cello and piano with Rane Moore, Rafael Popper-Kaiser and Cory Smythe and
  • “Summer Circle” for string quartet with the Krypton quartet.

Collaboration with PARMA Recordings (November 2009)
PARMA Recordings is planning to release a CD with three Martin Schlumpf concertos in 2011. The piano concerto “Mouvements” and the cello concerto “Waves” will be recorded with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in Olomouc, Czech Republic, in late November 2009. Schlumpf will complete the third piece, a double concerto for clarinet (Matthias Müller) bass trombone (David Taylor) and 17 instruments, by 2010.

“pulsar_1” and “Rattaplasma 2” in Lugano (October 2009)
Further performances of “pulsar_1” and “Rattaplasma 2” are scheduled to take place in Lugano’s Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana at 8:00 p.m. on 2 October 2009, during the Automa Festival of electro-acoustical music, mounted by Oggimusica from 1 to 4 October 2009.
The same festival will feature a concerto by the duo «ZWEIZEIT» (M. Schlumpf and A. Frey) at 10:15 p.m. on 3 October 2009. The heart of the program will be an improvisation to Marcel Duchamp’s film “Anemic Cinema”.

New “pulsar_1” CD released (September 2009)
The super audio CD “pulsar_1”, co-produced by tgmusic and ZHdK Records, has been released. It contains three of Martin Schlumpf’s latest compositions: “pulsar_1” (2006-7) for flute, clarinet, accordion, percussion and computer (ambisonics), “Atemspuren” (2005) for bass clarinet and accordion, and “Rattaplasma 2” (2001) for clarinet and computer (ambisonics).

World Première of “pulsar_2” (September 2009)
On 11 September 2009 the Festival of the Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts witnessed the world première of “pulsar_2” for voice, flute, piano and computer (ambisonics). A total of twentyfour loudspeakers encircled the audience, reaching a new level of sophistication in ambient acoustics. Moreover, thanks the musicans Kornelia Bruggmann, Matthias Ziegler, and Roger Girod, improvisation found its way for the first time into the “pulsar” series.

Martin Schlumpf Founds Own Label, tgmusic (August 2008)
The tgmusic label will issue the latest scores, CD’s and DVD’s by Martin Schlumpf and his friends. All the products are listed on the website www.tgmusic.ch, where they can also be ordered. Visitors can also hear audio samples from each CD and view at least one sample page from each score.

New CD Just Released: “Timegrid_01” (August 2008)
The new «ZWEIZEIT» duo, with Adrian Frey (piano) and Martin Schlumpf (bass/contrabass clarinet), has released its first CD, “Timegrid_01”, featuring mostly free improvisations that cross stylistic boundaries between Jazz and classical music. The new CD, with compositions, concepts, and freely improvised pieces, is available from tgmusic.

Birthday Concert (December 2007)
Martin Schlumpf’s sixtieth birthday was celebrated on 3 december 2007 with a double concert at the Grand Auditorium of the Zurich University of the Arts. The firs part consisted of students playing works composed exclusively by Martin Schlumpf: “Jeux” for three clarinets (1979), “December Rains” for solo piano (1992-3), and “Frühling” for percussion quartet (1995). The second part featured the casalQUATETT and the improvising musicians Adrian Frey and Martin Schlumpf in a program of string quartets by Janacek and Beethoven, combined with arrangements of Perotin, improvisations, and the second performance of Schlumpf’s “Summer Circle”.
The essay “Konstanz im Wechsel”, written for the occasion by the rector of the Zurich Hochschule of Music and Theater, Daniel Fueter, can be downloaded here.