The chronologically ordered discography below covers the most important CDs and LPs with works by the composer Martin Schlumpf or his improvisations on saxophone and bassclarinet.
The composer will gladly provide information on other recordings of his music.

The Five Points

The Five Points (NEOS 11519), 2015
Martin Schlumpf: “Spiegelbilder (Mirror Images)” (Michel Rouilly, Thomas Grossenbacher, Petya Mihneva), “Push and Pull” (Sergej Tchirkov), “The Five Points” (Matthias Müller, Galatea Quartet: Yuka Tsuboi, Sarah Kilchenmann, David Schneebeli, Julien Kilchenmann), “Puzzle” (Matthias Müller), “Pandora’s Promise” (Harry White Trio: Harry White, Pi-Chin Chien, Edward Rushton)
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Brahms – Schlumpf – Müller

Brahms – Schlumpf – Müller (NEOS 21305), 2013

Johannes Brahms: Clarinet Quintet in B Minor, Op. 115; Martin Schlumpf: “The Five Points” for clarinet and string quartet; Matthias Müller: “In 23 Teilen” for string quartet (Matthias Müller; clarinet, Galatea Quartet: Yuka Tsuboi, Sarah Kilchenmann, Hugo Bollschweiler, Julien Kilchenmann)
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