Les Extrèmes se touchent

Les Extrèmes se touchent for cello and piano, 1975/2015
11 “Charakterstücke”: Prélude, Esercizio, Aria, Fantasia, Scherzo, Perpetuum mobile, Nocturne, Sonny R. – heterophonic, Marcia funebre, “Intercommunicazione” – In memoriam B.A. Zimmermann, Rêverie

Edition Kunzelmann, GM-1919
Composed in 1975, completely revised and partly new written in May and June 2015.
Premiere: March 3, 2016 at the Druckerei Baden in the context of the second concert of the series «schlumpf+» (Thomas Grossenbacher, Petya Mihneva).

Here is the link to the video of the premiere:

Thomas and Petya rehearsing at the Zurich University of the Arts