Mirror Images

Mirror Images (“Spiegelbilder”) for viola, cello and piano, 2013

Edition Kunzelmann, GM-1892
Commissioned by Jürg Dähler from the Swiss Chamber Soloists with the financial support of the Cultural Departement of the City of Zurich.
Premiere: May 14, 2013, Church St. Peter, Zurich (Jürg Dähler, Daniel Haefliger, Gilles Vonsattel).

Here is the link to the video of the premiere in Zurich:







May 15, 2013, after the concert in Basle, Gare du Nord: Daniel, Martin, Jürg and Gilles (from left)





July 8, 2015, recording session at the Radio Studio Zürich: David Bollinger, Martin, Thomas Grossenbacher, Petya Mihneva and Michel Rouilly (from left)

Here you find the link to the video of the recording session:


PDF score samples p. 1-11

Sound samples