pulsar_2 for voice, flute, piano and computer (Ambisonics), 2009

tgm 47.294
Commissioned by the Zurich University of the Arts
Première: September 11, 2009, Zurich, Festival of the Arts of the Zurich University of the Arts (Kornelia Bruggmann, vocal, Matthias Ziegler, flutes and Roger Girod, piano; Martin Schlumpf, computersounds)


At the Première, from left to right: Roger Girod, Kornelia Bruggmann, Martin Schlumpf and Matthias Ziegler

On May 3, 2018 Premiere of a new extended version with additional drums  in the concert series schlumpf+ with Catriona Bühler (vocal), Andreas Stahel (flutes), Roger Girod (piano) and Tobias Hunziker (drums); Martin Schlumpf (computersounds)
Here the video of this new version:


PDF-Score samples p.1-13

Sound samples