The Five Points

The Five Points for clarinet and string quartet, 2012

Edition Kunzelmann, GM-1891
Commissioned by Matthias Müller and the Galatea Quartet with the financial support of the Fondation SUISA.
Premiere: September 27, 2013, Tonhalle Zurich (Matthias Müller and the Galatea quartet with Yuka Tsuboi, Sarah Kilchenmann, Hugo Bollschweiler and Julien Kilchenmann)
Here is the link to the video of the premiere:

At the premiere: Martin, Matthias, Sarah, Yuka, Julien and Hugo

February 28, 2013: Recording session (Andreas Werner) of “The Five Points” at the old church Boswil, Switzerland for the CD “Brahms – Schlumpf – Müller” for the label NEOS.

Yuka, Sarah, Martin, David, Andreas, Julien and Matthias


PDF score samples (excerpts of all mouvements)

Audio samples